Turning, hanging, positioning, sliding, tilting, rolling, height adjustment – BERNSTEIN solutions for ergonomically adaptable operator stations offer many options and make the almost impossible possible in individual customer applications. The Ergo.Slide from BERNSTEIN, a simple and uncomplicated height adjustment of individual components of an operator station, e.g. for quick adjustment of the keyboard height.

Rigid control elements and uniform workplaces, which demand forced and unnatural work postures, are a relic of past times in industry – thanks to modern health and safety laws. “We help companies to make their operator stations ergonomically comfortable so that they can be adapted flexibly and quickly to the requirements and physical conditions of different employees in just a few steps.

Ergo.Slide – ergonomic quick adjustment of individual components
Spontaneous and intuitive – the Ergo.Slide height adjustment makes changing the working posture a natural part of everyday working life. The easier, faster and more comfortable an adjustment is, the more frequently it is used. The Ergo.Slide meets all requirements for the independent height adjustment of individual components of a control station – for example to different body postures, in fractions of a second, not according to table and digital display, but according to body feeling, body size and subjective requirements.


flex.base – optionally fixed or mobile stand for operator stations
The flex.base offers a pedestal solution for operator stations that can be moved and positioned, be flexible, manoeuvrable and yet stable in production. Optionally equipped with four lockable castors, the stand provides both mobility and optional static positioning for all BERNSTEIN load-bearing systems. This ergonomically thought-out, convertible and high-quality operator station component is a helpful solution for optimising mobility and flexibility in the field of production technology. The base fleX.base offers an internal cable routing as well as an optimal wiring space in the base and integrated earthing is part of the new stand.


CS-480 B.flex – ergonomic connection of control housings or IPCs
BERNSTEIN refers to the CS-480 B.flex as the “smallest independent support system at BERNSTEIN”. Indeed, the 48 mm round tube for connecting control housings or encapsulated IPCs to machines and systems is not large. Connections to control boxes or IPCs mounted on ceilings, walls or floors are often easier and more ergonomic to position if the user can rotate them as required. The CS-480 B.flex coupling is suitable for meeting this challenge. It can also be used as a fixed or rotating stand. There is also the possibility of using the CS-480 B.flex as a wall joint, rotating angle or panel coupling. The CS-480 B.flex enables adaptation of the BERNSTEIN CS-3000 and CS-3000 neXt suspension systems too.


Ergo-Flex – Height-adjustable operator stations for optimum ergonomics
With the height-adjustable ergo.fleX, BERNSTEIN offers an innovative extension to the CS-3000 load-bearing system. Thanks to its flexible height adjustment and internal cable routing, this version offers even greater ease of operation and installation and adapts individually to the ergonomic requirements of the user. The integrated gas pressure spring counteracts the independent and uncontrolled adjustment of the adapted control unit after the clamping lever has been released and reduces the amount of force required for the desired height adjustment – for more comfort and above all safety.


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