New products from Hirschmann make Ethernet networks more powerful, safer, and more versatile
Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, will be showing an extensive portfolio of products for the rail industry at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin that enhances operational safety and reliability as well as passenger comfort. The portfolio ranges from cables and connectors to network devices and firewall systems. These allow complete Rail IoT solutions to be implemented on board of trains, for train-to-ground communication, along the route, and at train stations, for instance. The trade fair highlights include the new BOBCAT switch which supports time-sensitive networking (TSN), a DIN-rail-mountable data diode for protecting critical Ethernet networks with unidirectional data traffic, the DRAGON PTN backbone switch developed for packet-oriented data transmission in wide area networks (WANs), and the latest version of Layer 3 backbone switches in the DRAGON MACH4000 series.
The BOBCAT switch from Hirschmann
The compact managed BOBCAT switch is the first Hirschmann device where all ports support real-time data communication through TSN technology. This allows Ethernet, a basic prerequisite for Rail IoT, to be used in practically all applications. Thanks to TSN, deterministic data transmission with predictable and guaranteed end-to-end latencies, strictly limited latency fluctuations (jitter), and extremely low packet loss will be enabled for the first time. Since it is also not a proprietary process like other real-time standards, it can be deployed with devices from different manufacturers.
The DIN-rail-mountable data diode from Hirschmann
This device is suited for applications in which data from mission-critical Ethernet networks has to be routed over the public Internet. It enables unidirectional transmission used for example to access diagnostic information without subjecting the network to cyber threats. The physical operation of the data diode makes it a powerful solution to ensure the security of Ethernet networks and to protect systems against hacker attacks.
The DRAGON PTN backbone switch from Hirschmann
The DRAGON PTN offers a complete and integrated solution for providing and managing large networks that integrate state-of-the art WAN and Industrial Ethernet technologies. It enables reliable and efficient packet-oriented transmission of mission-critical data. MPLS-TP (multi-protocol label-switching transport profile) technology ensures sufficient bandwidth. The included provisioning software makes it easy to configure, manage and expand even complex networks. In addition, multiple modular and redundant interface options and port types enable seamless connection of older systems to the network. 
Layer 3 backbone switches in the Hirschmann DRAGON MACH400 series
The DRAGON MACH4000 series was developed to transmit larger data volumes faster without impairing network availability or performance. With models featuring four ports that can be configured for 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps, redundant power supply units and various interfaces, the series provides a host of advantages in particular in data-intensive applications.
These include the connection of automation and IT networks, higher availability through redundant backbone infrastructures, and a phased migration from 1 Gbps to 2.5 Gbps and even up to 10 Gbps as network bandwidth requirements increase.
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