3DGBIRE and BASF Forward AM are proud to announce a new partnership to expand our resin product portfolio and enhance our customers experience in 3D printing. The primary aim of this partnership is to provide BASF’s brand new resin Ultracur3D reactive urethane photopolymers, which deliver class-leading performance and consistency to meet customers specific application needs, while accelerating design iterations and cutting development costs. This range of advanced photopolymer resins and solutions will deliver long-term UV stability and structural performance from superior to conventional photopolymers to our customers.
Through this partnership 3DGBIRE is able to drive forward large scale 3D printing across the full spectrum of manufacturing industries through BASF Forward AM resins. Customers will have the choice within our resin product portfolio, ranging from flexible, tough, rigid, daylight and supplementary Photopolymer Solutions. Ultracur3D is a multi-purpose resin with optimum toughness and processing speed, targeting the lowest cost per part. With this service, we will be able to leverage synergies with BASF in the 3D printing industry. The partnership with BASF Forward AM complements our current material offering and gives 3DGBIRE the ability to enhance innovative applications, including functional prototyping requiring tailor-made material solutions with improved toughness, heat resistance and long-term stability.
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