Avnet Silica is hosting a series of podcasts as a regular feature of its ’Smart Industry’ IoT business magazine. The magazine provides knowledge, insights and expert opinion on the plethora of smart technologies and devices that are helping to shape our world. 

During each monthly half-hour episode of ’We Talk IoT, The Smart Industry Podcast’, ‘Smart Industry’ editors conduct in-depth interviews, discussing with industry specialists the most important developments in IoT, IIoT, artificial intelligence, and cognitive computing, as well as offering insights from their own research and experience. In one of the latest episodes, Adel Al Saleh, CEO of the German global IT services and consulting company T-Systems, and a member of the board of its parent company Deutsche Telekom, discusses how 5G networks will create a smarter, more connected world with better mobile service, safer streets and enhanced entertainment.
A range of IoT-related topics and authoritative voices are featured throughout the podcast series, with other instalments including:
• Bentsi Ben-Atar, Chief Marketing Officer of Israeli company, Sepio, talks about how it is protecting us against malicious hardware: rogue devices that are physically plugged into networks where they listen and siphon off critical business info. 
• Hardware and sensors are driving progress in IoT today. Dr. Gunther Kegel of Pepperl+Fuchs, a worldwide specialist in factory and process automation, and Frank Hansen of Avnet Silica, discuss how vendors and application developers should respond and what the impact of artificial intelligence will be.
• China is betting big on IoT with huge investments in cutting-edge technologies. Does this mean it will come to dominate the industry? And should the West be worried? ‘Smart Industry’ editors reflect on the situation.
• AI is making it possible not just to monitor the real-time condition of Earth and its environmental systems, but it is also making it possible to manage and dramatically reduce the impacts of human activity on the environment. ‘Smart Industry’ editors investigate the future implications for our world.
• How does AI transform business? Will banks conquer tech, or will tech conquer banks? ‘Smart Industry’ editors weigh up the odds.