AVE UK is delighted to introduce its new Italian equipment partner Frilli Srl to UK audiences. Specialising in the design, construction and refitting of bespoke distillation plants for the production of alcohol, distillate and bioethanol, Frilli is located in the heart of Italy’s famous Chianti region. It  used the recent PPMA Show 2021 as the launchpad to showcase its high-quality copper and stainless-steel distilling solutions to UK producers of whisky, gin, brandy, vodka and other spirits.

As part of the Della Toffola Group, AVE UK is uniquely placed to leverage the processing, filling, capping, labelling, packaging and bottling expertise of its European equipment partners, which cover all facets of the food and beverage sector. With the acquisition of Frilli, the Group’s reach now extends to distillation, and Frilli’s Export & Marketing Manager Simone Martini will be in attendance at the NEC on Stand B40 to showcase key pieces from the company’s prestigious equipment range.

“We are looking forward to demonstrating a miniature version of our whisky copper pot still for distillate production, heated by internal steam coils and featuring a shell and tube copper condenser,” says Simone.

Unlike many suppliers of distillation plants and equipment, Frilli prides itself on not only its manufacturing expertise but also its design and engineering capabilities, to ensure that each client gets the best solution for their individual needs. “We specialise in customised, bespoke distillation systems for alcohol producers of all sizes, from independent craft distillers to large corporates – the capacity of our largest pot steel is 50m3,” says Simone. “As well as production goals, product type and location greatly influence the specification of a project, so we ensure that each of our distillation plants reflects the distillery’s unique characteristics. We are not a ‘copy and paste’ manufacturer; a distillery in Scotland will have different needs from a distillery in Japan, or from anywhere else in the world, not least because their climate and environments are so dissimilar. It is important to take this into consideration when designing a distillery plant, to ensure that the client’s end product is of the highest quality.”

Established in 1912, Frilli supplies in-house designed and manufactured bespoke continuousand batch distillation plants across the world, operating from vacuum through to pressurisedconditions.

Its offering covers every stage of the alcohol production process, from feedstock intake, milling, mashing and fermentation, through to distilling, storing and wastewater treatment.