New from Parker Hannifin is the Pro Display 10 ISOBUS, an app-based HMI that includes the company’s new ISOBUS Suite application. The system is designed for vehicles and machinery used in the agriculture industry, such as tractors, harvesters and other self-propelled machines.
Traditionally, each agricultural machine and implement combination would require the use of an individual terminal based on the manufacturer’s proprietary solution, the company explains. Today, thanks to ISO 11783, a single terminal can be used for operating different implements that comply with the ISOBUS standard, regardless of manufacturer. Parker has implemented these ISOBUS functions as an individual application in Pro Display, which can also be used as the vehicle’s main HMI display. 
Having just one HMI display in the machine cabin combines machine functionality, diagnostics, efficiency tools, and even infotainment and entertainment, in a centralised and cost-effective solution.
The ISOBUS Suite is an application for ISOBUS functions that includes ISOBUS UT, a user interface for ISOBUS-compatible implementations. Also included is a file server for the ISOBUS network to facilitate easy data transfer, and a task controller, which means the display is able to perform accurate variable-rate control and documentation of actual data values.
The apps-based system ensures that all essential HMI functions for instrumentation, controls and adjustment can be integrated into a central HMI display.