Will business ever be the same again? Will there be a return to normal or a shift to a new normal, whatever that might be?

These are questions that business people and politicians are talking about all the time.

It’s clear that crashing out of the EU without a Brexit Trade Deal could end in disaster for industry, while the COVID 19 situation continues to ebb and flow, although vaccines are being developed and showing very positive signs of working.

So, coronavirus and Brexit deal uncertainty is quite a combination, making it difficult for many manufacturers to plan and be confident that trading will continue as unhindered as possible in the current circumstances.

But, Apex Dynamics could be the answer for industry needing that sense of normality and confidence.

It is the only large-scale manufacturer of servo gearboxes that is Brexit-proof, being the only volume manufacturer based outside of Europe.

What’s more, the manufacturing process for Apex Dynamics in Taiwan has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic due to the automated manufacturing procedures used.

In fact, not a single case of Covid has occurred there in the last 230 days so confidence in the workforce is high and production is carrying on as normal.

There have not been any drop-offs in delivery experienced by our customers worldwide, and Apex Dynamics is largely carrying on as it did before the pandemic gripped the world economy.

That’s some feat by the forward-thinking Apex Dynamics, as it is certainly not the case for every business.

So, with 100,000 gearboxes manufactured monthly for stock ready for final configuration, Apex Dynamics is in a commanding position to deliver in two to three weeks on all of its range of planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes, which along with a unique five-year warranty on all products, makes Apex Dynamics a very reliable and trusted partner for machine building needs.

New products have also been launched recently, including a stainless steel gearbox range and an AGV drive gearbox range. Further information and technical specifications about these innovative solutions will shortly be made available on the Apex Dynamics website.

Mike Gulliford, Apex Dynamics Ltd Managing Director, said: “It’s easy to see why economic confidence has been knocked. Brexit has always cast a shadow of uncertainty, and even more so with deals not being finalised and then the added issues of the coronavirus pandemic.

“However, with all of this in mind, Apex Dynamics is as close to manufacturing normality as in previous years and we are looking forward to the future with confidence.”

Apex Dynamics has a full range of planetary and other servo gearboxes with drop-in replacements for most competitor’s models and the widest range of gearbox ratios from any major supplier.

This makes it easy for customers to substitute models they may be currently using without design changes.

Apex Dynamics’ pricing is competitive and stable and will not be affected by any UK/EU customs duty war.

Mike added: “It would be prudent for UK machine manufacturers currently sourcing servo gearboxes from Europe to be talking to us now to find out how we can protect their supply arrangements for these key components.

“Companies that need the types of products we manufacture can be 100 per cent confident that we can supply what they need, reducing any risk to their own production capabilities. In these uncertain times, people can rely on Apex Dynamics to deliver.”

To start a conversation with Mike, email him on mikeg@apexdynauk.com. Visit www.apexdynauk.com to find out more about the solutions the company provides.