What do you do?

We work with removable and embedded data storage products such as USB flash drives, solid-state drives and SD cards and we provide a range of services to companies who use these products in their business.  Our expertise covers many competencies, including design-in, data preloading, content protection, special configuration and customisation services.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity in your industry?

Flash memory technology has revolutionised how we store, share and access our data, so the opportunities for us are endless as we have a relevance in nearly all sectors.  Every new device or gadget uses flash memory, but we are also seeing a migration from conventional storage products like hard disk drives to flash memory. 

The Internet of Things opportunity is more than a marketing buzz word, it has given birth to a range of new devices and technologies that need some form of storage to run an operating system or store data.  We are therefore focused on how we will participate in these sectors and making sure the products and services we provide are still relevant.

What impact will changes in your industry have on consumers? The world?

Our industry is all about data storage, and how consumers access and transport their data.  If consumers are not carrying their data with them on encrypted USB drives or SD cards, they have an expectation to access their data from various online services (Cloud computing).  Whilst hard disk drives have been dominant in the Data Centres for many years, new storage devices that are based on flash memory technology are actually providing better performance, faster access times and require less power, so they are rapidly becoming a preferred option for businesses who run Data Centres.  Consumers are therefore benefiting from better products that are cheaper to produce, cost less to run and give better performance and reliability than other types of data storage.

What is your biggest goal right now?

My goal is to grow the business and to get closer to our customers, wherever in the world they may be.  It is always exciting to expand and take on new staff and new customers, but we have to do it the right way and be loyal to the values that made us successful in the first place, i.e. a commitment and exemplary service to our customers and sheer hard work.

What kind of support or types of people do you need to accelerate your success?

Cardwave is a close-knit team of hard-working individuals who collectively give the company its brand values.  We are always looking for people who share the same culture and commitment to the business, and when we find these people, we give them an opportunity to shine.  Some skills we cannot teach so we are very careful in our recruitment process.  We have 2 positions we are recruiting for now, both are supporting roles for our marketing and technical departments, so anyone with good skills in these disciplines is welcome to apply.

What makes you or your work different from everybody else?

Products are tangible, but it’s the service we give our customers that sets us apart from our competitors. Every customer is unique and they all have their own set of requirements, whether this is a tight deadline for delivery, information for a company presentation or programming an encrypted license file to an SD card. Whatever the requirements are, we know how to deal with it and we know how to tie all the elements of a project together.

Cardwave understands the intricate details (the DNA) of the products we work with, we understand content and more importantly, we know how to put it together properly and then lock it down. We can also do clever things with cards and flash drives and make them behave in a particular way – this isn’t always easy, but we know what is possible and we have the knowledge and capability to do it.

Decisions on which type of product to use can be driven by requirements to achieve certain levels of performance, the need to operate under specific usage conditions or governed by cost. Cardwave works closely with our customers’ to define which grade, level of flash and source of controller will be most suitable for their requirements.

 We’ve celebrated 10 years in business this year and want to thank everyone who has been part of our success, I truly appreciate your support and I very much look forward to another 10 years.