OKW has launched an all new square enclosure for desktop or wall-mounted electronics used indoors and outside.

Smart modern PROTEC features soft contours for enhanced ergonomics and aesthetics. All models have a front operating panel (inclined by 20° for added ergonomic comfort) with a recess for a membrane keypad. There is plenty of space for a touchscreen and PCBs can be fitted on different levels inside.

All the fixings are hidden on the underside. They are corrosion-proof stainless steel Torx screws to deter tampering. Rubber feet ensure the enclosures do not slip during desktop use.

PROTEC is available in three sizes from 140 x 140 x 76 mm to 220 x 243 x 108 mm. The cases are moulded from tough and UV-stable ASA+PC-FR in off-white as standard. Optional sealing kits provide IP 65 protection. OKW can supply PROTEC fully customised on request.

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