“It became clear at an early stage that a UV light cure adhesive was the only way to do the job. It would give us the opportunity to apply, assemble and inspect at our leisure so we could ensure full coverage and no bubbles. We were able to cure in seconds so we could move on almost instantly and with full confidence in the integrity of the work we were building up.”

UV curing materials offer lots of benefits in the production process, from rapid on-demand curing which reduces production bottlenecks, to easy application, to process control and repeatability. Next generation LED UV light curing adhesives offer an even better process experience, including cooler curing temperatures, lower energy consumption, and reduced costs.

UV light curing adhesives bond plastics, metal, glass and many other substrates. They find many applications in electronics, medical device assembly, aerospace, opto-electronics, optics, automotive and displays.

Whether you’re bonding, encapsulating, coating or temporarily masking parts, there might be a UV light curing adhesive that will maximise your productivity. If you want your production team to thank you for your foresight, let’s chat about whether UV light curing adhesives could be right for your application.

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