A Unique Package Which No Other Servo Gearbox Supplier Can Match 
Now that industry and the economy are starting to emerge from the challenges of the pandemic, it’s time we shouted out about the unique offering we have for servo gearbox products and how this enables us to support our clients and prospective customers in their new automation and machine building projects.     
Genuinely Unique? 
At the outset we should emphasise that no other servo gearbox supplier can match this offer – not fully and not even in part ! 
It Starts with Design 
We have Patented Designs for high performance. 
Why Does Patented Technology Matter in Planetary Gearboxes?
Our planetary gearboxes have a number of patented features which offer unique advantages for higher performance. For example, the single piece construction with bearing mounted sun gear is a huge advantage. 
The main internal carrier is machined on a single piece of steel and all surfaces have the same datum, thereby guaranteeing full concentricity and alignment from input shaft to output shaft. This design also reduces indifferent thermal expansion when compared to the normal two-piece construction, as well as reduced heat build-up due to reduced input bearing speed.
In addition, there are multiple other patented design features around the input and output sealing designs, lubrication flow to the needle bearings all of which contribute to the low – friction performance for improved life. 
Unique 5 Year Warranty
The excellence of design, highest quality of materials and manufacturing processes results in our gearboxes having outstanding performance and life in service and enables us to offer a  5-Year Warranty on our complete range of servo gearboxes and rack and pinion products. 
Apex Dynamics Ltd commenced supplying customers in the UK and Ireland early in 2019 but its important to know that this 5- Year Warranty is operated by our manufacturing unit and has been in place with other parts of the Apex Dynamics international network for more than 15 years 
Unmatched 2-3 Week Lead Time
With 100,000 gearboxes manufactured for stock and ready for final configuration, Apex Dynamics is in a commanding position to deliver in two to three weeks on all of its standard range of planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes and rack and pinion solutions. Competitor delivery times are typically 8 to 15 weeks at present.                                
We can help our customers to be Brexit – proof!
There are only 4 truly global manufacturers of precision servo gearboxes who can offer a full range of products covering the wide variety of applications 
Only one – Apex Dynamics has a volume manufacturing facility outside Europe and manufactures more than 50,000 precision servo gearbox units a month and is able to guarantee continuing supply arrangements to UK customers under current terms, irrespective of the ongoing difficulties which UK customers are experiencing with customs / border clearance issues. 
On-Time Delivery Or It’s FREE !
Guaranteed Delivery – Another Industry First for Apex Dynamics
The ongoing disruptions to manufacturing and engineering businesses arising from the CV19 pandemic issues and post – Brexit difficulties with engineering component supplies from EU manufacturers are putting huge strains on supply chains for processing and automation machinery manufacturing and repair
At Apex Dynamics we are able to offer our customers complete isolation from any of these problems in the supply of servo gearboxes and other automation system components by offering Guaranteed Delivery 
So what do we mean by “Guaranteed Delivery”?
Quite simply we mean – On Time Delivery or its FREE
Not Free Delivery charges – FREE PRODUCT if we are late on what we acknowledged as the delivery date !
Largest Range for a Key Servo Component 
Within the whole spectrum of automation system components used in machine and other process control applications, some components are more crucial to machine performance than others, some are available from a wide range of sources and others have a much smaller pool of sources and much more limited ability for them to be substituted without significant design changes to the machine being necessary 
Apex Dynamics has a full range of planetary and other servo gearboxes with drop-in replacements for most competitor’s models and the widest range of gearbox ratios from any major supplier. This makes it easy for customers to substitute models they may be currently using without design changes. 
APEX Is ATEX As Standard
ATEX rating has traditionally been a difficulty for many machine applications which have the requirements for operating in potentially hazardous environments, where explosive gases or dust could be present. 
Examples of such environments are printshops, food processing, wood- or other organic processing, car paintshops, nuclear and the petrochemical industry. ATEX certification on machine components has historically come at a substantial additional cost and with extended lead times and to some customers it feels like manufacturers are treating this requirement as a license to print money.
With Apex Dynamics gearboxes this is not the case. The ATEX requirements were incorporated during the early design phase and with some of our patents have enabled Apex to achieve Category II 2 GD c T6 classification on our standard gearbox ranges, to the latest ATEX DIRECTIVE 2014/34/EU 
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If you have any kind of question, please contact us to help us deliver your servo gearbox requirements for both new and existing applications – we have many suitable drop-in replacements and the largest range of ratios available 
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If you have any kind of question, please contact us to help us deliver your servo gearbox requirements for both new and existing applications – we have many suitable drop-in replacements and the largest range of ratios available