Glasgow-based renewable energy pioneer, Katrick Technologies is taking part in an online broadcast as part of the Data Center Dynamics Keeping it Cool series. The episode, which will be hosted online on Thursday 4 August, 2022 at 3pm, will discuss how Katrick Technologies is helping its customers to improve their energy efficiency and how data centres can become more sustainable.

Katrick Technologies will be featured in Understanding the true environmental cost of air cooling. Can it ever be sustainable? The episode will cover Katrick Technologies’ innovative passive cooling system, which is currently undergoing trials with iomart data centre in Glasgow, and how customers could use the technology to improve their operational efficiency.

Using real-life examples, the session will discuss innovation in cooling and how providers can push boundaries in technology in greener, more sustainable ways. Attendees will also learn how to use metrics like power usage effectiveness (PUE) and energy efficiency ration (EER) to analyse the environmental impact of their systems.

Data centres consume significant amounts of energy globally — just under 200 terawatt hours (TWh). Of this figure, a notable amount is used to power cooling systems. Data centres must be kept at a consistent ambient temperature of around 21 to 24°C. Any warmer and the risk of overheating and failure is increased. However, traditional air or liquid based cooling systems can be costly and use require large amounts of electricity. Roughly 90 per cent of the air conditioning units used in UK data centres consume between 26 and 41 per cent of their total energy.

To tackle this, Katrick Technologies has developed its passive cooling system. It is a unique technology which harnesses the waste heat produced in a data centre using a thermal vibration bell (TVB). The heat produces vibrations in bi-fluids within the TVB which are then captured and converted to mechanical oscillations when they make contact with protruding fins. The movement of the fins then dissipates heat in the surrounding environment, cooling the area without using energy.

The broadcast with Data Center Dynamics will discuss Katrick Technologies’ system and the benefits in terms of reduced emissions and energy consumption, along with the potential challenges of implementing it in both new build and retrofit sites. It will also explore how data centres in different environments can approach challenges with cooling and what opportunities are available for ambient cooling across other areas. The session will also touch on Katrick Technologies’ new wind power generation system, and the benefits for data centre providers of producing their own renewable energy on-site to power their systems.

With the increasing demand for data centres worldwide, finding ways to improve sustainability should be a priority for providers to minimise their environmental impact. Embracing new and innovative solutions for energy-intensive areas like cooling will be key in making data centres greener and reducing their carbon footprint. The broadcast will stream live here on 4 August 2022, at 3pm BST.

To find out more about Katrick Technologies, visit the website here.