A 600mm (24in) wide cabinet has been added to Siemon’s VersaPOD line of data centre cabinets and racks as an option for server applications that do not require the Zero-U vertical patching and cable management solutions offered with the company’s fully-featured VersaPOD.

This looks the same as the fully-featured version and has contoured highly perforated doors that deliver 71% airflow. Additional features include an open floor design; multiple roof entry points that allow flexible routing of horizontal and backbone cable; and provisions for vertical exhaust ducts, roof mounted cooling fans and additional accessories to promote hot aisle/cold aisle isolation.

The cabinet is available in 1000mm (40in) and 1200mm (48in) depths and has 45U of highly configurable horizontal rack mount space. Its standard 480mm (19in) mounting rails are depth adjustable in 5mm (0.2in) increments.