3D printing innovator, AMufacture, has leveraged HP‘s Multi Jet Fusion technology for the design and integration of a crucial part for a carbon fibre racing boat ahead of its transatlantic challenge. The manifold, which controls water going into a ballast tank, has been manufactured to be light, durable and watertight, ensuring it meets the standards required for an elite level racing boat. HP Multi Jet Fusion has enabled AMUfacture to be one of the first on-demand manufacturers to offer this revolutionary technology, while saving costs for the company and reducing lead times for customers.

Located in Whiteley, Fareham, AMufacture prides itself on being at the forefront of 3D printing in the UK. The in-house capability and global network consisting of leading technologies enables the company to deliver the right manufacturing process for any need: from concept to functional part, tooling production and everything in between. AMufacture installed its HP 5210 MJF Printer in September 2021 and became one of the first on-demand manufacturers to offer cutting-edge HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. It’s this technology that helped AMufacture overcome many of the challenges when confronted with a brief to create an integral and crucial part for their 52ft yacht that needed to be ready to take on a transatlantic challenge.

In elite racing boats, all parts must be aero and hydrodynamically efficient, while remaining watertight and able to stand up to harsh environments and strong liquid pressure. In addition, there is no room for error: all elements must be precisely made with a long-term need to perform in a flawless fashion. When confronted with producing an element that is constantly subjected to harsh environments, such as strong liquid pressure and a long-term need to perform in a flawless fashion, not all manufacturing technologies are up to the challenge.

This demanding brief, where only ideal manufacturing technologies would be suitable, is what AMufacture experienced. The part needed to remain watertight and be able to withstand up to 20 bar pressure, that’s almost ten times the equivalent pressure a standard car tyre is subjected to, all within a 10-day lead time. This custom manifold, part of a time critical project, would have been very challenging to manufacture without the aid of 3D printing technology. AMufacture is one of few on-demand manufacturers in possession of the revolutionary HP 5210 MJF Printer and implemented it in the printing of this extremely complex part of the racing boat in PA12, which is a warranty for the ultimate in water tightness and aesthetics following a process of chemical smoothing and black dying. What would have required at least 10 days to be completed with traditional technologies can be now obtained in just 6 days thanks to this cutting-edge 3D printing.

A crucial part of AMufacture’s on-demand service is listening and understanding their customers’ needs – something that was evolving during this brief. It was becoming clearer that their client needed faster production and more economical parts which, with HP’s 3D printing technology, allowed them to pivot and respond to these specific and demanding requests. “At AMufacture we are committed to offering our customers the best-in-class technology available and our investment in HP’s Multi Jet Fusion Technology demonstrates our promise to do just that.”

AMufacture’s ethos is “Simply Delivering Innovation”, investing in this new technology is key and AMufacture is now one of the first on-demand manufacturers to offer the HP MJF 3D Printing solution to the market.